Thursday, September 6, 2007

Women I Love: Paula Deen

Paula Deen was just on Oprah (a luxury I now enjoy, being a work-at-home freelancer -- yippee!), and I was inspired.

Top three reasons I Love Her:

1. Her laugh is the greatest EVER. I should put it on the ipod for when I'm tired/frustrated/stressed out. Totally re-energizing.

2. She uses three sticks of butter for one cake. Fabulous. Justification? "I'm your cook, not your doctor." Take that, arteries.

3. She's a Supermom. Warts and all, she's a mom's mom through and through. Love it.

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Smayzie said...

I like Paula, too... mostly because of her hard luck makes good story. It's very inspiring (kind of ala J.K. Rowlings). But I have to admit that I get a bit irritated whenever I hear her commercials on HGTV (or Bravo? or TLC? One of those networks I watch in the luxurious at-home freelancer state I share with you!) That "C'mon y'all, let's cook somethin' good" thing just kind of grates after you hear it four or five times...