Sunday, July 20, 2008

Completely Meaningless Comparisons: Jonas Brothers vs. The White Stripes

Comparative literature, p'shaw! How about wasting my time comparing two things in a fashion that is, in the long run, absolutely meaningless? Okay! My new favorite thing . . .

This time, in honor of my ridiculous morning song affliction, Jonas Brothers vs. The White Stripes. Is it correct to use "vs."? I don't think there will be a winner in any of this (least of all myself, or you for that matter . . . ), but for lack of a better joining . . .uh . . . thingie . . .

Point 1: Siblingerrificness

Jonas Brothers: They're brothers!

The White Stripes: They have claimed to be brother and sister, but are actually former spouses. Very Appalachian.

Point 2: Commerciality

Jonas Brothers: They're Disney spawn!

The White Stripes: They look as if they could be Disney characters. If Tim Burton ran Disney.

Point 3: Funny Yahoo! Search Prompt

Jonas Brothers: If you start to type in "Jonas Brothers", one of the prompts that pops up on the drop down list on Yahoo! search is "Jonas Brothers muscles." Don't ask me why I know this.

The White Stripes: Okay, there wasn't anything funny here -- apparently when searching The White Stripes, it's all business, all the time. I could make something up, but that wouldn't be right. Would it?

Point 4: Creative Song Titling*

Jonas Brothers: "That's Just the Way We Roll." Oh wait, that's not actually creative. My bad. It does sort of make me giggle though.

The White Stripes: "I Fought Piranhas" Now that's creative.

* For the record, this word looks really wrong. But it's right. If you pronounce it the way it looks though, it's kinda funny. I'm just sayin'.

P.S. This post didn't take nearly as long as it looks. Really. Because if it did take that long (with the creating of the collage image, Yahoo searching, etc.) that would make me a real loser. Right? Haaa haaa . . .heh . . . heh. . . oh, crap.

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