Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rejoin Our Regular Programming After the Break

It's a short break, just 'til next week, but since you bothered to stop by I figured I better let you know. I'll be back -- it's just that mid-summer thing, with family in town and blogging just seems, well, rude. Unless they're really bugging me. Then I'll pretend I have "work" to do, and tell you all about it. In code. So read closely . . .

Oh, and just so you don't leave empty-handed here's some stuff to click on, if you happen to have a few moments to indulge your curiosity ('cause you know your curious) :

Something that makes me tear up (damn it!) it's so freakin' heart-warming

Something that still cracks me up even though I've watched it 143 times (not really) (well, maybe)

The song that was in my head when I woke up this morning

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