Saturday, August 2, 2008

And Then I Thought Better of It

I almost wrote a post about how I was at the gym and my son called me to report that our dog Roxie (that's her over there) had puked -- but then I decided that was too gross, even for me.

I will tell you, however, that the conversation ended like this:

Son: "We don't know if she ate it, but the next time we looked, it was just gone." (maniacal 11-year-old-laughter)

Me: Silence

Son: "At least she saved us from having to look at it."

I'm so very sorry about this post. Please try to erase it from your mind. Except for the dog pic, because you have to admit -- it is pretty flippin' cute . . .


Kelly O said...

Dogs are GROSS. I'll spare you my worst dog-related story, but it would be titled "Two Dogs One Cup."

Angela S. said...

HA HA! Okay Kelly O., that's all I need to know . . .

Dogs ARE gross.

Anonymous said...

I think that I would call my story..."Murder Scene". I swear, my kitchen looked like the OJ Simpson murder scene, only instead of blood everywhere it was dog diahrrea...shot all over the kitchen and pressed against the side of the fridge and oven. By the way...Ralph weighs 160 lbs. Did I mention it was right before I was leaving for work. It actually crossed my mind to just leave it and let my wife deal with it when she got crap makes you think some crazy things.