Thursday, July 5, 2007

Also try ...

Was thinking of starting some kind of "top five" list. Sounds much less interesting now that I'm here. But this was vaguely amusing -- these are the top five "also try" suggestions Yahoo gives when you search for "top five":

1. tv top five
2. top five careers
3. top five game
4. top five dating sites
5. top five players of badminton

1. TV -- No surprise here. We do love our TV.
2. careers -- Something I think about frequently, since I don't actually have one at the moment.
3. game -- "Game"? Not "games"? Must click, out of sheer confusion!
4. dating sites -- TV first, then finding your soul mate. Priorities, priorities.
5. badminton -- Wow. Badminton players made the top five. A Yahoo conspiracy, perhaps, to bring back the unsung sport of kings. It does involve the word "shuttlecock" however, which makes me giggle, so perhaps it has some merit ...


ivoryfishbone said...

hi angie

nice to meet you in blogworld! ... i think it's always nice to get a comment from someone who has found one's ramblings enjoyable ...

and by the way ... i had some advice very early on in my writing life ... it was 'don't have a career' ... so there you are ... halfway there!

happy blogging


Kimberly Palmer said...

hi angie! thank you for your comment on my blog and yours is really fun, I'll come back to visit often!