Saturday, July 14, 2007

Who's Having Fun?

Okay, as I sit in the house and write my heart out, it is entirely possible that life is passing me by. These are the things my son has done this week while I've been working:

1. Went off to the rodeo with a neighbor, ate cotton candy, sno-cones, hot dogs, returned home with a balloon and, inexplicably, a print portrait of a baseball player from the St. Louis Cardinals.

2. Established a "secret hideout" with his buddies, which my daughter later informed me (she's the moll) is filled with bugs, snakes, and poison ivy. She thought I would lock him in the basement for the duration, no doubt. But really, should a secret hideout be any other way?

3. Discovered a lost driver's license in the woods, and had an hour or so of very intense speculation over the fate of the license's owner. They said they will be alerting the police.

4. Scrounged change from the dryer and under the beds to pick up the following items at a garage sale down the street:

~ an antique radio
~ a plastic camouflaged truck
~ baseball cards
~ two hockey pucks
~ a lavender plush cat (for his sister)
~ a Hard Rock Cafe Chicago coffee mug (for me)
~ a pocket-sized bendy rubber Pluto (the dog, not the planet)
~ nunchucks

I, on the other hand, completed a couple of brief assignments, checked my e-mail 651 times, and sorted all my paperwork into a handy little plastic organizer.

Ain't summer great?

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