Friday, August 31, 2007

Jumping Through . . .

This is my post for Poetry Thursday -- in true "me" fashion it's being posted on Friday. I have, in my defense, been busy making deadlines on things I'm actually getting paid for. And I like food and clothing. So, at any rate, a dashed off blurb of a poem (no fine crafting here) -- more like advice, using Poetry Thursday's (completely and totally optional) prompt, "an open window."

Jumping through
An open window
Is not recommended.

But more so
Than jumping through
A closed one.


tumblewords said...

Fun! Advice with a giggle.

Christine said...

I like your sense of humor - it reminds me of an old Charlie Chan line: Side of wagon not like feather bed. :)

Alan Bender said...

I will remember the snappy advice

Jon said...

Thanks for the reminder that sometimes the best advice-- and the best poetry--is the simplest. :-) I love the sense of humor.