Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Next Job

Found this job on JournalismJobs.com today, my favorite place to surf around for jobs I'll never have in cool places I'll never live.

Apparently, the St. Kitts-Nevis Observer (in the Caribbean, natch) is looking for a senior writer. The job qualifications are as follows:

Must be able to supervise others, a proven writer, be a team player, good news judgment and of good moral character and have a record of stability. No drug users please.

The successful candidate will have at least 10 years experience as a Journalist with supervisory skills. Please do not apply if you are not a good writer, have a good record of stability and is unable to commit to at least two years of employment,or not serious. Only qualified applicants will receive a reply.

Sounds like they've had some trouble finding good help. But seriously, they offer a car, housing, and a modest salary. They also ask that you not be "fussy" when tools and supplies are "not as readily available" as in the U.S.

Truly, all I need is a beach and a palm tree. A hammock (make that two trees). And an umbrella (just in case). And just look at those headlines. I bet there's never a dull day . . .


Kelly O said...

LOVE those headlines. My dream job used to be writing for the Weekly World News (RIP). Maybe I should turn my focus to the Observer. :)

valiens said...

With the occasional hurricane and Vespa crash to spice things up! Just come see me at the beach, but don't even contemplate moving there. No.

It is a pretty funny ad. In that tragic, small town way.

Can you tell I have small-town-itis?

Christine said...

You never know, maybe your husband will decide he's like the tropical life once the kids are off at college. Or maybe your rockstar/model son will jet his parents to St. Kitts the next time he has a gig on the island.

That's some front page.