Saturday, October 13, 2007

Writing About Writing

Christine from Mariachristina has tapped me to write a list of my five greatest strengths as a writer. She has marked me as "concise," for the record, noting that she likes my "pithy commentary." I just love that anyone called my writing "pithy."

She also hoped that the bloggers tagged would "morph the meme," but knowing how to do that intentionally would require me to be way cooler than I am.

So, here goes:

1. Meticulous. Not so much in the research (I'm sometimes a wee bit lazy there, but shh, don't tell) but more in terms of word choice. I'll rewrite a 75-word post 75 times to make sure each word is the best word possible. Then I'll look back and find later that it still wasn't perfect. Bummer. Tagging this meticulous blogger: Jillypoet

2. Honest. I had to Google the word "meme" because I'm a loser blogger who doesn't even know the first thing about blogging. Well, I've got the first thing, but the second and third are still mysteries. How's that for honest? Tagging this honest blogger: O is for Obsessive

3. Serious. That is to say, I take writing seriously. It is important to me. It is important in the world. I don't take a single word, or thought, or idea lightly, though I may write as if I do. Tagging this serious blogger: Creating Ms. Perfect

4. Not Serious. I looked for an antonym for serious, but came up only with lighthearted, lightweight, and trivial. But really, I'm talking about levity, I guess, with a dash of wry observation. Because being too serious turns into being dour. I hate dour. Tagging this not serious (in the best possible way) blogger: I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet A Wino

5. Fearless. Well, sort of -- this is more of an aspiration than a strength. Hey, maybe this is part of the morphing -- what do I aspire to as a writer? Well, this is it. Tagging this fearless blogger: A Brain Like Mine, Diary of a Feminist Housewife


Kelly O said...

Cool, thanks! I kind of love memes, especially with NaBloPoMo coming up.... :)

valiens said...

You're a darling. Of course I'm practically cackling at the thought of being fearless! Reckless, maybe...

Give me some time. I'm angsting about my answers, naturally, and thinking of a morph for the meme.

Christine said...

Hi, Angie. Can't wait to check out these blogs. I happened to visit jillypoet the other day, due to my recent foray into the poetry blogging scene (which I entered via your site!).