Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some Things I Have Not Blogged About, Since I Stopped Blogging

A list:

1. Turning 38. Woo hoo! Uh, yeah.

2. My new tattoo. I will likely mention this at random, approximately 634 times, in coming blog posts. Be prepared.

3. My car being stolen. This is actually a good story. Stay tuned.

4. Fight Club. There's really not much to say about this. Just wanted to mention it, and have a reason to include that very creepy picture of Ed Norton up there.

5. Brett Favre's retirement. There were a couple of rocky moments there, but I think I'm okay now. Thanks for asking.

6. The completely miserable winter I suffered in the St. Louis area, after being told repeatedly by multiple sources that "we don't really have winter here." I'm a sucker.

7. Jack Daniels. Again, not much to say here. Just enjoy it.

8. A complete and total existential breakdown. Okay, but don't tell anyone -- trying to keep that one on the down-low . . .


ColinJ said...

I've awoken a sleeping giant.

I will await blogs 1 through 6 Angie. But I'd suggest combining 7 & 8, chances being that you already have/are.

btw, I am a boy. Nothing that sinister in my failure to complete my profile. Unfortunately one of the profile questions uses the word "gender" rather than the standard term "sex". This means I didn't get the opportunity to answer "yes please" or something equally original and hilarious, so I just simply refused to complete any of it in protest.

Angie Shultis said...

I find it interesting that you found something in the profile to warrant protesting. You sound like a regular dissident. At any rate, you are correct about 7 & 8; I will happily take your suggestion under advisement . . .

ColinJ said...

Easy on the JD, you gotta get up and jump. Just don't stop jumpin', keep that heart muscle pumpin'.

Angie Shultis said...

And an RHCP reference to boot. Nice!