Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Top Five Song List

I am in need of new music to experience, so I am posting my current top five song list (current meaning subject to change at any second) and encourage you to do the same. All two of you.

1. Everlong -- Foo Fighters

2. Funny Face -- Red Hot Chili Peppers

3. Rape Me -- Nirvana

4. I Used to Love Her -- Guns N' Roses

5. Superman -- Goldfinger

Incidentally, my 11-year-old son is walking around the house right now singing "Night Train" by GNR ("wake up late/and honey put on your clothes/and take your credit card/to the liquor store"). I'm fairly sure I could lose custody to the State for that kind of thing . . .


ColinJ said...

Only 5? Impossible and they will ALL be Springsteen, so I won't bother (although Midnight Oil's Beds Are Burning and probably any one of a dozen of their songs could make it depending on my mood that day). Good songs on your list tho, Everlong is a great great song. I love it. Where's Suck My Kiss? Now that's a classic.

I think you should get hold of some Silverchair, I think you will like it Angie. They had a big hit in the US in the mid-90s with the song Tomorrow (when they were all only 17 yo or something) but were dismissed as Nirvana wannabes and never really appeared again in the US charts. The US's loss, their albums since have been magnificent. Singer/writer Daniel Johns is a very sick young man (not drug related) so their output is sporadic, but get hold of Diorama (especially), Freak Show or Neon Ballroom - all great great records. Frogstomp was their their first, is not their best, but still staggering to think a group of teenagers could have produced music like that.

And for new music, look for "Jet", another amazing young band (they charted last year with their first record and they will be HUGE) - music very much in your territory I think.

OK, I am off to find some Goldfinger. Are they rich enough for me to feel morally justified in downloading their music for free?

Angie Shultis said...

All five would be Springsteen? That's rather limited in scope . . . but my five could have been all one band too if I'd been so inclined. I will definitely check out Silverchair . . . have read glowing reviews but don't think I've actually heard them. As for downloading Goldfinger, no, probably not rich enough, but I'd never presume to be anyone's moral compass, so proceed as you see fit . . . Thanks for the thoughtful answer, as always. Starting to like this blogging thing . . .

Angie Shultis said...

I was under the influence of cold medicine when I wrote that, so I forgot a thing or two.
I do know some Jet and like it. As for "Suck My Kiss", you scoff, but it's #6 with a bullet.
Oh, and good job not making any disparaging comments about the GNR inclusion . . . you showed remarkable self-retraint.
I think I've scared Wisconsin Mommy away . . .