Saturday, June 28, 2008

Children Can't Fly

I've lived in this house for a year, and just the other day noticed this warning label on the window in the basement laundry room:

!!! Caution !!!
Children Can't Fly!

Screens are not designed to restrain children from falling through an open window. Please take proper precautions.

Good to know. The funny thing is that this is on a basement window -- meaning it's at ground level. Literally.

Should writers of safety warnings attempt a sense of humor? I'm on the fence here . . . but if anyone knows of a job opening, I'm pretty sure I could pull this gig off . . .

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World Injury Book said...

Children Can't Fly was the name of a landmark public health program in New York City that equipped high rise buildings with window guards. It was based on epidemiologic studies that found high-rise tenements to be the most common location of death from falls among small children.
The manufacturer of your screens likely had no way to know that they would end up on your basement windows.