Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Questions That You Must Answer Before You Leave This Page

Blogging is a lonely business. After a comment-free post or two, it leaves me dangerously susceptible to posting some exceedingly dull and self-indulgent navel-gazing (it's a pretty nice navel, but still). Soooo, I am reduced to begging. Please please please leave a comment (Colin J and Wisconsin Mommy, you are already on board, so thanks for that).

But seriously -- I envision blogging as an interactive experience, and while I would never discourage a reader (and you are out there -- I know this because I am obsessive about my Google Analytics stats -- it's a sickness) I would enjoy this far more if I were to hear from you. Er, you may argue that reading this is supposed to be about your (potential) enjoyment, not mine, but that may be selfish of you. I'm just sayin'.

Okay, now I'm alienating people. Redirecting . . .

New tactic: I will try to make it more interactive by giving you reason to respond. And how do you get people to respond? Just like that, actually. Asking questions. Who can resist? See, there I go again . . . Alright, getting on with it, sorry.

Today's Questions That You Must Answer Before You Leave This Page (or TQTYMABYLTP -- catchy!):

1. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

2. If aliens invade, what's your plan?

3. If you go off the deep end, where do you end up?

Ohhhh, I feel as thought I'm setting myself up for failure here. Don't let me down people.


Mellow said...

#1 - Oh, crap, I gotta go to work.
#2 - Uh, hope the spouse has a plan.
#3 - Way deep inside of myself, too far down to see the light, but then.

From a lurker with no blog of her own.

Angie Shultis said...

YOU are my favorite person right now mellow . . . you have brought me joy.

ColinJ said...

1. The first thing I thought of was checking for any emails. No joy there, except for the guy from the Tanzanian government who still wants to give me $10,000,000 and the viagra people who seem to think I need some performance enhancement. If only they knew....

2. If aliens invade, they will land in Nevada right? They always seems to. Even though those little bastards can travel real fast, chances are that central Florida will not be high on their list of places to visit in a hurry. So I still have some time I reckon. I am going to check my numerology charts, have my tarot read, have my aura analyzed and meet with my reiki consultant - just to make sure that today isn't the day I get abducted by aliens and have probes attached to my genitals. If it is, I have no plan other than to just lay back and enjoy those probes as best I can.

3. I'm always off in the deepend (it shows doesn't it?) so i'll just be here. There are jewels in the deepend that only the brave will ever find. Gotta keep jumping off it and take some chances, follow your heart, take a chance, risk everything, lose yourself, meet someone special, make those discoveries - even when all around you are saying "are you crazy?" Maybe I am.

Angie Shultis said...

Well, that last question was like a little bit of therapy there, wasn't it? Your welcome.

Oh, and for the record, I have no plan. I was hoping to steal someone else's, but so far that's a bust . . .

Kelly O said...

1. Oh god, already?
2. Telework.
3. Underwater?

Wisconsin Mommy said...

1. The first thing I thought of this morning was "Sun?? Is that sun I see streaming through my window?" It really is an odd happening these days.

2. If aliens invade, I am putting them to work helping with our current landscaping project. It is turning out to be a lot more work than we thought.

3. I will let you know, as I feel I am headed there soon :)