Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Bullies

Yes, I know the picture's blurry. But it's one of the last glimpses we had of them, looking sufficiently spooky and completely unsuspecting.

Later that night, five of the six would disappear, only to be discovered at a grisly scene, just a couple hundred feet down the road, smashed into a multiple gory pieces.

"They didn't take the candles out," my son observed, observantly.

He, and his older sister, took the news surprisingly well. Being that they'd carved their own this year -- two apiece -- I had expected them to be upset, to say the least. As it turned out they were irritated, a little indignant, but upset? No, not really,

Crisis averted.

We were comforted, too, by the fact that the perpetrators had missed our little green pumpkin which, we suspect, was camouflaged in the dark night, looking very little like a pumpkin at all.

Take that, Halloween bullies.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Darn Halloween hooligans.

Great picture, I don't mind a little fuzz.