Friday, November 9, 2007

Mid-Life Fallout, Part Deux

I have a feeling that this begins a season of barely finding time to post! Alas, I will try to persevere . . .

My daughter turned 12 yesterday, and it's probably no coincidence that I've recently begun to visit the gym on a regular basis. Oh, and I've decided to go to graduate school. Maybe you can help -- I'm attending an open house in a couple of weeks, and noted my major of interest as English, but there's also Mass Communications (building on my journalism background) and Education (building on my teaching background) to consider. Decisions, decisions -- I've always been very bad at this. Any thoughts?

Ultimately, I am determined to get my Master's degree before I turn 40 (that's in two and a half years, natch, so it's high time I make it happen). Oh, and I still want a tattoo.

The mid-life crisis continues, but could result, I'm thinking, in exceedingly positive results (other than the tattoo, maybe, but that remains to be seen). Anyone want to share their own mid-life (or heck, any-time-of-life) crisis? Do tell.


Christine said...

Hi! I'm back from the ashram. I guess you could say that was part of my mid-life crisis, becoming a yoga teacher.

My only advice is this: study what you absolutely love.

And, ask yourself the question "what should I study for my master's degree?" before you go to bed. Then, what is your answer when you wake up?

Just some ideas. :)

Amy Turn Sharp said...

carpe diem