Monday, December 3, 2007

7 Little Known Facts About Me

Kimberly at Creating Ms. Perfect tagged me for this meme, and I thank her sincerely, because it's one of my favorites to read. I'll let you know how I feel after writing it, but here goes:

1. As a kid, I had huge gaps between my teeth -- so much so that I could easily stick a toothpick between them (and I do mean the widest part). Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the braces.

2. Growing up I wanted to be an archaeologist, and even though I was a psychology major, I took as many anthropology courses in college as I could (love that evolution stuff!).

3. As a teenager, I was a huge Metallica fan. Now, I am nursing an irrational, adolescent, and on-going obsession with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (that's them up there -- hi guys!).

4. I got my first stitches (in my finger) horsing around on New Year's Eve (1988, I think) and got my finger stuck in the mouth of a beer can -- I pulled one way, he pulled the other -- those cans are sharp. I told my parents it was a Coke can, because of course I was underage. (Sorry guys -- but it wasn't mine anyway. Really.)

5. I got my second set of stitches (in the forehead) after misjudging the distance between myself and the edge of the open car door. No beer was involved -- just clumsiness.

6. I took Spanish all through high school, and completed second year Spanish classes at Michigan State. I can read and understand a bit, but speaking it is something I haven't even come close to mastering.

7. I took guitar lessons as a kid, and still play sometimes. Not well, but I play.

Hey, that was kind of fun. Do I have to stop at 7? I've lived in seven different states . . . oh, alright . . . so I'm tagging these bloggers:

Kelly O. at O for Obsessive (forgive me if you've done this one already!)

And my loyal reader Christine at MariaChristina (who will probably stop reading altogether if I tag her for one more meme, so just say the word!)


Kelly O said...

Thanks! I luuuurve writing prompts.

Mariacristina said...

Angie, this is a fun list. Hey, if you know Spanish, and you play the guitar, you might like to play old Mexican folk songs, and sing in Spanish! Your children would love it.

In your spare time, right?

How's the writing on assignment going?

Thanks for tagging me. I'm going to turn it into a poem, if you don't mind.

SusieJ said...

Metallica! Cool. And sorry about the stitches.

valiens said...

Oh, man. I actually have done this one, at least twice, but maybe it's time to do it again...

Kimberly Palmer said...

Thank you, Angie!