Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Welcome Break

Got to enjoy a little unexpected fun the other day, being gifted with two tickets to the St. Louis Rams-Green Bay Packers game in St. Louis. We happen to live in that area, but being a longtime Packers fan, I was all about the visiting team . . .

Now, trekking to the city for a football game just 10 days before Christmas was not exactly in my plans -- I had cards to write, cookies to make, a house to clean, and presents to wrap. Even considering taking hours out to sit in a football stadium seemed ridiculous. But so did turning down free club seats, so we went.

And am I glad we did. Been so busy with work, kids, holiday stuff, getting ready to go south for Christmas, it's been the typical hectic holiday season. What a great thing, then, to just run away for a little while, catch a great game, see Favre break the all-time NFL passing record, and relive a little childhood magic of my own -- as I think I've mentioned before, football was it in my house, and I loved it. Still do.

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Colin said...

You've stopped blogging I think. Such a shame Angela, always used to stop by and have a read and but now you've disappeared.

Got lost in Florida?
Joined the Obama campaign?
On tour with the Chilis?
Busted for downloading free Metallica mp3s?