Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Horrible Blogger

That title up there? That's me this month -- it's been 10 days since my last post, and I've been too ridiculously busy to even check in. Which is a good thing in some ways, but I do love my blog, even with all it's imperfections, and my handful of kind readers who mosey my way every now and again.

I guess I need to just officially say that I will be spotty -- extremely spotty -- with my posts until Jan. 1, especially with a Florida vacation looming for the holidays (yay!). After Jan. 1, I will be the perfect blogger. After Jan. 2, however, it's anybody's guess. No, really, I'll be back -- just need to take care of my Ps and Qs -- also known as the stuff that helps keep food on the table.

In the meantime, visit me at The Budget Fashionista, where I continue to write up a frenzy with my wonderfully fashion forward boss Kathryn Finney.

Also, here's an article I liked, in case you need something else to do now:


SusieJ said...

Those were very funny -- the warning labels. I'm feeling stretched a bit too -- have a great vacation. SusieJ

mariacristina said...

That's great your writing for this web site. Blogging is fun, but being paid to write is a big plus. You'll stay on my blogroll, Angie! I probably won't be as active on my blog either. I need to focus on the writing for publication part of my life.

Happy Holidays!